The accessible treetop walk - from the entrance to the observation tower

On the Treetop Walk Usedom, you can not only get close to nature without needing to climb steps, but you can also enjoy seeing the island from lofty heights.

Tree top walk Usedom - path course
Tree top walk Usedom - path course
Blick von oben auf den hölzernen Pfad und den Aussichtsturm des Baumwipfelpfad Usedom.

 The course of the treetop walk

Usedom is known among nature-lovers for its rich variety of cycling and hiking trails both along the coast and inland. However, a walk at treetop level is only possible on the Treetop Walk Usedom. The start and finish is the entrance and exit tower of the treetop walk. The first metres in height are mastered via stairs or a lift; then, at a height of up to 23 metres, you walk along the 1,350-metre wooded walkway. The walkway winds through the Heringsdorf forest, past beech and pine trees. Several learning and activity stations offer interesting information about the local natural and animal world, the history and geography of the island and the Baltic Sea.

Tree top walk Usedom - Map path course
Tree top walk Usedom - Map path course

Enjoy the view from the observation tower, 33 metres above the ground

The highlight of the Treetop Walk Usedom is the 33-metre high observation tower. It impresses with its airy architectural form and is modelled on the former Bismarckwarte (Bismarck Observatory). From 1907 to 1943, it stood only a few metres away and was a popular destination for excursions in the area. With a maximum gradient of 6%, access to the top viewing platform is possible without barriers. As the observation tower is built on the so-called Präsidentenberg (President’s Hill), a natural elevation, the aforementioned lower platform is 75 metres above sea level, making it the highest point on the island of Usedom. From here, you can enjoy an impressive panorama in all directions:

The island of Usedom shows itself in all its diversity, with a wide Baltic Sea beach, forested hills, fissured by lakes and the Achterwasser. On a clear day, you can see the island of Rügen and the German and Polish mainland on the other side of Stettin Haffs.

Tree top walk Usedom - In the middle of nature
Tree top walk Usedom - In the middle of nature
Die obersten Etagen des Aussichtsturms mit Blick auf die Ostseeküste

A walkable net for the adventurous

The highlight of the observation tower is a 50m² walkable net stretched across the middle of the top observation desk. Adventure-seekers can ‘float’ here, 33 metres above the forest floor.

Tree top walk Usedom - observation tower with walkable net
Tree top walk Usedom - observation tower with walkable net
Oberste Plattform des Aussichtsturms mit begehbarem Netz

The "Futterkrippe" at the treetop walk

In the in-house restaurant, the so-called "Futterkrippe", and the adjacent beer garden, you can gather your strength before or after your excursion.

Get closer to nature at the learning and activity stations

Information boards along the 1,350 metre long walkway offer interesting facts about the local tree species, flora and fauna of the island of Usedom, its history and geography. 

At the learning stations, and through seeing and feeling, you will gain interesting insights into the following topics, amongst others:

• The origins of the island of Usedom 

• Usedom’s special forests

• Usedom’s flying guests

At the activity stations, you have to overcome balancing beams or wobbly elements at dizzy heights. Fun and excitement are guaranteed.

Tree top walk Usedom - Adventure station
Tree top walk Usedom - Adventure station
Mutter und Sohn auf einem Balancierelement auf dem Baumwipfelpfad Usedom.

Comic-Rallye on the walkway

As on all the other treetop walks, there is also a Comic-Rallye for our little guests on Usedom 

With a comic and pen in hand, the children set off to answer exciting questions about nature and the landscape. On the coming boards along the walkway, the sea eagle and the inhabitants of the forest help them to find the right answers.

The Comic-Rallye is especially interesting for children and families. Those who complete all the tasks set will receive a small prize at the end of the excursion.

The Comic-Rallye is organised by our non-profit subsidiary, DoNature gGmbH.

Would you also like to help save our environment?

 Then support DoNature’s projects. DoNature. Do it. Now.

Tree top walk Usedom - Comic rally board
Tree top walk Usedom - Comic rally board
Junge nimmt an der Comic-Rallye auf dem Baumwipfelpfad Usedom teil

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