Island of Usedom holiday region

Usedom has so many aspects. The island is best known for its long fine-sand beach which stretches from Peenemünde in the north-west, to the Polish Swinemünde in the east. Bathing and beach fun are very popular. To the north of the island, Karlshagen, Trassenheide and Zinnowitz form a tourist centre, and in the middle of the island are the so-called amber resorts of Koserow, Ückeritz, Loddin and Zempin. To the east of the island are the Kaiserbäder (imperial spas) resorts of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. The hinterland – also known as Achterland – is characterised by numerous lakes, moorland and woodland; here you can explore nature on foot, or by bicycle, and discover one or two hidden corners.

 The island of Usedom is a divided island. Of the 445 km², 373 km² belong to Germany, and 72 km² to the neighbouring country, Poland.  With this, Usedom ranks 9th on the list of divided islands, coming behind islands such as New Guinea, Ireland and Tierra del Fuego.   

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The island of Usedom holiday region

Ahlbecker Seebrücke - © Usedom Tourismus GmbH/Dirk Bleyer
Ahlbecker Seebrücke - © Usedom Tourismus GmbH/Dirk Bleyer
Blick auf die Ahlbecker Seebrücke bei Sonnenaufgang.

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